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Chris Weidman Official T-shirts


  • Chris Weidman Champ T-Shirt

    Bad Boy pays tribute to the new and current UFC Middleweight Champion and Bad Boy Fighter Chris Weidman with this all new and exclusive t-shirt.

  • Chris Weidman UFC 162 Walkout Tee

    Chris Weidman’s official Bad Boy Walkout Tee pays tribute to his New York roots. Born, raised, and trained on the East Coast. Chris Weidman’s official Walk In Tee for UFC 162 where he knocked out Anderson Silva and took home the UFC Middleweight Title.

  • Ladies Weidman UFC 162 Walkout Tee

    The official walkout tee of the current UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman. Seen when Chris Weidman faced off against Anderson Silva in the main event at UFC 162 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, July 6 2013.

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