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The Three Horsemen:


The Three Horsemen: Johny Hendricks, Alexander Gustafsson and Chris Weidman


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Every sport has champions, all-time greats, underdog stories and upsets. Few sports, however, have the opportunity that MMA has for a champion or all-time great to be dethroned. One opponent, one mistake, one punch or one submission could spell the end of their title reign.

When 2013 began, three champions had lauded themselves into MMA history as all-time greats.

Jon Jones, the youngest and most prolific Light Heavyweight champion ever, looked to be unbeatable.

Georges St-Pierre, the greatest welterweight champion and arguably the greatest mixed martial artist to ever grace the octagon, was looking at a near seven-year stretch atop the division.

Anderson Silva, the man who had not been defeated in sixteen UFC fights, was a god among men in the middleweight division.

Dana White and fans alike began marveling about possible bouts between Silva and Jones or Silva and GSP. It had been shown time and time again, that these men were unbeatable, the closest things to immortal that this sport has ever seen. Then came the three horsemen: Johny Hendricks, Alexander Gustafsson and Chris Weidman.

These three men collectively drowned out the talk of super fights, greatest of all-time discussions and replaced with it their names in history.

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