Alexa Bliss Getting Out of Lilly Doll Character,  Can Bray Wyatt help ?

Alexa Bliss recently commented on her feelings towards her old dark persona. So, we will see what she had to say. We will also check out some more theories for how Alexa Bliss’s character could get more interesting again in the future.

dark and evil version of Alexa bliss

The entire dark and evil version of Alexa bliss that was on WWE television from summer 2020 to fall 2021 really had the community split in two. You had your half of your fans that were really invested in the new character driven version of Alexa Bliss and were closely following everything the character did and said. Then y ou had your other half of fans that did not really like the supernatural direction and thought it was bit too over the top for WWE. But either way, whether you were a fan of her evil era or not, one thing you cannot deny is that this version of the Alexa Bliss was very popular at the time.

The story started off as being very intriguing and it naturally pulled people in. The other issue with the evil era of Alexa Bliss is that it never felt like WWE used the character to it’s full potential. When Alex Bliss was with Bray Wyatt, she did not do much anything truly important outside of the Randy Orton story and even that got extremely messy and senseless there towards the end. Then after the Bray Wyatt split, same sort of idea.

Alexa bliss and Lilly Doll

She introduced her Lilly doll but went months without an actual important feud. Alexa’s first big feud during her evil era was against Eva Marie at Summer Slam 2021 and then she faced Charlotte Flair immediately after that. But Alexa was written off TV following that match with Charlotte Flair and little did we know at the time that Extreme Rules 2021 would basically turn out to be the final day of the evil persona for Alexa Bliss.

WWE would air several therapy sessions that were meant to show Alexa’s transition to a new sort of a normal state for the character’s personality and the sessions worked. Alexa returned in May 2022 with Lilly in hand, but she was clearly getting back to normal.

The problem with going back to normal is that, it basically stripped away all of the interesting elements of Alexa’s character. During the evil era, Alexa bliss was so character driven, she was mysterious, surrounded by the theories, teasers, hints and was one of the most intriguing character on all of WWE television but what WWE moving away from that persona, it has left Alexa bliss with basically nothing to work with for her character.

Alexa has even stated it herself in recent interviews, she said that she is aware that her character is a but boring right now and she feels like, she is just playing her real life self and just does not have much actual character going on right now and Alexa has been back since May, she was on the card for the big clash at the castle event and everything. But the important elements that are still missing from Alexa is character and storylines.

Bianca Belair

She does not had any of that since before her 2022 return. Some fan feels like a heel turn is maybe what Alexa Bliss needs to get back on track character-wise. Epically, with a string baby face champion like Bianca Belair. She is going to need some top heels to go up against. So if Alexa turns heel, she will be credible challenger to Bianca Belair. Plus it will give her character a spark of new life right now and it will be a big step up from the current blond baby face character.

A fan took to Twitter to tweet at Alexa Bliss about how they miss the dark Alexa Bliss character. Alexa quoted the tweet and said “Me too”

Jason Baker, creator of the firefly funhouse puppets and Lilly doll could be seen in the comments of that Alexa comments of that Alexa Bliss tweet and he posted a scary Gif.

Jason Baker’s wordless tweet did catch some attention from the fans with everyone trying to read deeply into it. Fans were wondering, if Jason Baker’s Tweet was meant subtly be hinting at a new project? Or item being developed for Alex Bliss’s character.

Jason Baker

Jason Baker is the same men behind the creation of, The Fiend Mask, Firefly Funhouse props, Alexa’s Lilly doll, Alexa’s wrestlermania 37 crown and so much more. He has worked closely with Bray Wyatt and Alex Bliss over the last few years, so fans wonder if he got some projects he is working on for Alexa and maybe even Bray. Jason and Brat continued working closely with each other even bray left WWE. So they are still beyond close friends. Its most definitely interesting.

Jason raised allot of eyebrows just with a single tweet of a Gif. Could something actually be in the works of Alexa Bliss ? It is unknown if WWE still plans to acknowledge or revisit this storyline in any way since its pretty old. But back in February 2022, WWE aired Alexa’s therapy sessions and the story was  that Aleca would be fine if Lilly is close by but if Lilly is away from Alexa’s side, who knows what will happen to her.

That is basically the story foundation they set way back early 2022. The overall idea being that if Alexa ever list Lilly, she would probably has a big relapse of some sorts. Now technically, they could still pay that off because Alexa Bliss still has Lilly in her possession. There have been some weeks where Alexa did not bring Lilly out to the ringside and fans thought maybe Lilly was dropped but then Alexa would come out with her following week after that.

So the fact that Lilly is still around does slightly leave that payoff door open. Maybe Alexa is pretty normal over the last months because Lilly has been there, but have Lilly go missing and maybe Alexa’s character and story will be brought back to life.

So that’s where we are at right with Alexa Bliss. Allot of fans wonder if that was a tease or not from Jason Baker on something that could be potentially coming but it is hard to tell. There’s around three realistic options for how to bring Alexa Bliss’s character and story back to life. Like I mentioned that she can turn heel. Maybe brings back some of her old personality traits from the goddess and five feet of fury days.

She can also lose Lilly, if someone stole Lilly or even if she just lost it that could lead Alexa down a crazy path and story of trying to find Lilly and the third option and fan theory that has been floating around is for reunion between Bray Wyatt Alexa Bliss. Although they were a great and interesting paring together, Alexa and Bray’s story itself was a complete mess and went flying off the tracks mid way through.

The ending WWE went with for that duo was the furthest thing from satisfying. Alexa spends months doing everything she can bring the fiend back to life. She finally does it and then turns on him right away. Then we are thinking “Okay” well maybe Bray Wyatt will come with a way to get revenge on Alexa Bliss but then he vanished from WWE television and gets released. So, it feels like we truly never got proper closure for that storyline. It feels like there was more stories to tell there between Alexa and Bray. So, if they were to put them back together and hit the reset button on that duo, sort of like what they did with Kross and Scarlett. Who knows how great that story can be this time around.

Especially, when you do have similar duos out there like Karrion Kross and Scarlett. All four superstars of Bliss, Wyatt, Kross and Scarlett have all acknowledged that popular dream missed tag team match at some point. Karrion Kross was even posting about that mixed tag match a few weeks ago after his WWE return. So that would be a little nice program to see as well that fans have been discussing since 2020. How would a Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss VS Karrion Kross and Scarlett story actually look like ?  It would be very interesting to see unfold but that is the options right now for Alexa Bliss, as along as she stays in this baby face role, things may stay but bland with the character but if they are able to go down any of those paths. Alex could very well be right back in the same seat of being one of WWE’s most interesting characters again.

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