Elias Theodorou is No More

Obviously, we’re all very excited to talk about UFC 279 and a very crazy and memorable weekend in mixed martial arts but before we started today’s show I wanted to dedicate it to the life and memory of Elias Theodorou. You may have heard late last night that news started trickling in and we have been able to confirm it as well that shockingly and unfortunately he passed away at the very young age of 34. He was battling stage four liver cancer and didn’t make this public. No one outside of his friends and family loved ones knew that he was sick, had recently fought in December, and was three and 0 since leaving the UFC a few years ago and so we wanted to remember him. Of course, we remember him entering the UFC undefeated winning the 2014 Ultimate Fighter Nations series.

A proud Canadian, a proud representative of Canadian MMA but really just an absolute great representative of mixed martial arts as well because he was always happy. He was always smiling. He was always just himself. And even if you look at his last few tweets always talking about what should be happening in MMA. Advocating for things that should be happening for MMA. Fighters were the first fighter to get a therapeutic use exemption in Canada to use cannabis in the province of British Columbia. Then the first fighter to get a. T. U. E. To use cannabis in America as well. He got that in the state of Colorado and was shocked when he was let go from the U. F. C. A few years ago with an eight and three record, had a great run in the UFC and vowed that he would go out there on the regional scene and finish fights and win fights and he did that winning three straight fights.

Two of them came via finish. In fact, the last time I met him was back in 2019, shortly after his release and he left the Toronto Raptors Championship parade early to come to meet me. I had no idea that he did that. I mean it was a once-in-a-lifetime event and I told him afterward, Hey Man, you could have told me we could have met this another time. He said absolutely not. No problem. Always was a great guy, a great soul. If you knew him, you felt like you were his best friend. Always had a smile on his face, was always in great spirits, always in a good mood, and represented the best that this sport had to offer. So we dedicate this blog post to his memory and we send our thoughts our love and our prayers to his family Elias Theodorou, Just 34 years young may he rest in peace

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