Li Jingliang vs Daniel Rodriguez, Controversial fight, Probably A robbery ? Who Really Won ?

Li Jingliang VS Daniel Rodriguez went down and there seemed to be a lot of controversy about that decision. I had to go back and watch it a few times to really grasp who won that fight. Was it, in fact a robbery as everybody’s claiming to be and that’s what we’re gonna be looking at. But firstly, what did the judges see? How did they score this fight? All the judges disagreed on scoring the fight. The first judge Mike Bell gave the first round of Li Jingliang, the 2nd and 3rd, Daniel Rodriguez, Douglas Crosby gave the first two rounds to Rodriguez, the third Li Jingliang and Ron Mccarthy Dorothy gave the last two rounds, 2nd and 3rd Li Jingliang and given the first to Rodriguez, so they all scored the fight completely different. Which added up to Rodriguez winning the fight by a split decision but were the correct well, we’ll skip over that second round, We don’t need to really look at it because Li Jingliang won it, he obviously won that round here, the most damaging shot of the whole round stunned Daniel Rodriguez while the rest of the round was very, very close, whereas the 1st and 3rd, it wasn’t as obvious.

So we’re gonna be looking at the first round and then if we have to well look at the third and in order to judge the fight you have to go by the scoring criteria which pretty much says that damaged trumps everything. Whoever lands the biggest shots of the round, wins the round. So let’s start with the first round and Rodriguez lands a light jab, as Li is moving away from it, and later after Li missed a leg kick, there was an opening for Daniel Rodriguez to enter and he wings over a right hook which just grazes Li, as he’s moving his head with the punch, while Daniel Rodriguez getting Uber aggressive china land is power, he lets his defense down and Li while switching stances backwards, cracks Rodriguez with a pretty good right hook that causes Rodriguez to move backwards after Li lands a light leg kick and then Rodriguez after, as Li is getting aggressive lands a body kick and at the same time Li is trying to enter with her own body shot of his own which partially lands, and he drops his right hand which leaves an opening for Rodriguez to connect on him with a pretty good left hook which spins Li’s head around a little bit as well as causing him to stumble.
But the it also has something to do with it knocking him off balance Li then lands a body kick which lands with his toes, taps the outside with a leg kick. Rodriguez lands a leg kick of his own, then adds on to the light strikes with a body jab and then Li gets in there with a classic combo that he throws that right straight into a looping left a combination and as he’s throwing the right straight, he gets touched a little bit by Rodriguez’s counter right hook and then right after Li falls up with another body kick very similar to the one he landed last time. They both exchange leg kicks on each other Li lands to then Rodriguez retaliates with a jab as Li is moving away from it This is a common occurrence that you’re going to see, usually when Rodriguez landing, jabs, Li is always leaning away from them and trying to counter with his lead hook, and this happens vice versa when Li is trying to get in there with a right straight and lands at the end of it. While Daniel Rodriguez is leaning away and trying to counter him with his check hook and then Rodriguez lands at the next time, Li gets aggressive, tries to come down there with a combination gets touched by check right hook.

Another one of those body kicks from Li Jingliang lands doesn’t really have too much impact, doesn’t really affect Rodriguez at all, and then later Li lands a leg kick as Rodriguez is trying to land a spinning back fist and then we get to a medium attack from Li Jingliang as Daniel Rodriguez trying to get in there with a jab Li parries and then lands a pretty good body kick on Rodriguez that gets a good reaction out of him. This one lands with the shin, not with the toes. Li touches him with a leg kick, Rodriguez throws up a high kick this time which grazes and gets mostly blocked, not much impact in this. Just Li trying to get away from it. A good push kick from Li, Li Jingliang pushes him away but doesn’t hurt Rodriguez at all and then the exchange punches on each other where Li is extending with that right straight without really setting it up, but it still lands at the very end of it and then he also gets countered by that check right hook, both light attacks both really didn’t do much, but Li was able to follow this up with the left over hand that just touches Rodriguez as you can see most of the shots are just grazing, not fully landing leg kick from Rodriguez doesn’t really have much impact and Li is gaining a grow again with those blitz and combos and just gets touched again by that check right hook seems to be a repeating pattern Li reaches in there with the right straight that lands at the end of it, while Daniel Rodriguez is also leaning away.

Then Li throws a few leg kicks here, so he touches them with an oblique kick, doesn’t really get much out of Rodriguez, but Li Jingliang then after lands a big front kick to the body and this one seems to get a reaction out of Rodriguez a bit. So another medium attack for Li Jingliang . Then they both throw leg kicks at each other and they both land but Li gets checked and because of the check, Rodriguez able to get out of this exchange better than Li did and able to follow this up with a jab up top and then after he was able to go to the body with one, so he’s switching up targets and just to follow that pattern, then he goes back up to the head and lands another one. Only then Li was able to land a slight leg kick as Rodriguez is spinning around, losing his balance and then able to land another one, but this one gets a bit of a reaction out of Rodriguez from the kick, you could definitely see Rodriguez loses his balance a little bit and it wasn’t like his leg got kicked outward or anything, it was just a sheer impact of the blow and then Li followed this up with the last strike of the round, lands a big oblique kick, but this one to the thigh, but you could definitely see the impact of the shot gets Rodriguez stumbling backwards, and that was the end of the first round.

So by telling up all the strikes and looking at the damage, it’s clear who won the round. Li Jingliang should have won this round, he landed four more total strikes and four more medium strikes while they equal out 18 to 18 and light strike It’s an obvious round of score for Li Jingliang. But the judges scored this one for Rodriguez, which is crazy, there’s absolutely no argument for Daniel Rodriguez to win the first round. So by this point we know that Li Jingliang won the fight.

Let’s look at that third round just to see if that round can go to him, if it’s warranted. How bad were the judges in this fight. we start the third round and Li land’s and intercepting jab as Rodriguez retaliate, landing a light jab to the body and then after going up to the head.
This is the thing he kept doing throughout the fight. He lands one to the body and then lands to the head. Afterward constantly create openings for himself. Then we get into a bit of an exchange here, Rodriguez lands an inside leg kick without much power. Li reaches in there with the right hand to the body, which only grazes I don’t even know if he would even count, to be honest because there was barely any connection with it. We’ll go back to it if we have to, but Rodriguez lands a bigger jab, Not enough impact, Not enough power to categorize it as a medium attack, but definitely bigger than anything else that landed in the round so far. Then Li gets an even bigger strike in their wings over a big overhand left that lands clean on Daniel Rodriguez and gets a bit of a reaction out of him as Rodriguez trying to land a check right hook of his own, definitely a medium attack.

Then Li follows us up with a right hook to the body. This one could be debated to be a medium or a light. The reason why I’m going to probably categorize it as a light is because it doesn’t really cause that much impact, doesn’t really get a reaction out of Rodriguez, but for argument’s sake. We’ll go back to it if we have to, then Li throws in there, a couple of light kicks, one of them lands and then the other one gets checked. Then Rodriguez falls us up with three jabs of his own, all landing like right at the end of it, not really getting much out of them. Later, as Rodriguez is reaching in there with a left straight. Li was able to pull away from it just enough and grazed him with a check left hook leg kick from Li.

And then they get to an exchange where they both land pretty good shots on each other Rodriguez first lands with a jab just at the end of it doesn’t really create much impact and then Li lands a check left hook as Rodriguez lands a straight left and they both stumble each other a little bit, so definitely both medium attacks there, jab from Rodriguez lands and then Li retaliates with two leg kicks of his own another exchange where they both land on each other Rodriguez extends in there with a jab lands as Li is trying to exit away at an angle and at the same time Li catches him with a check left hook and at this point of the fight, you could definitely start to tell that Li Jingliang was gaining a little bit tired so inside like it from Rodriguez lands and then he falls us up with a jab as Li is leading away from it, trying to counter and because he’s against the fence, because his back is to the gauge, he wants to get some pressure out there, he wants to aggressively get Rodriguez to back up so he swings over a big combination and as Rodriguez trying to counter.

Then they both threw great shots on each other Li Jingliang still gain aggressive trying to get some space. He lands a body shot as Rodriguez slightly lands a check right hook. Li made it error here of following up as Rodriguez moving away, which is gonna cause him to overextend and because that there’s a big opening, Rodriguez lands a jab and this one was different than the rest. This one definitely gets a reaction out of Li Jingliang, especially with the fact that Li is getting tired here, most likely because he cut more weight than Rodriguez, so it’s definitely have an impact on his body, he wasn’t able to brace for the punch as well as he did before. Then Li land’s another big shot, another medium attack cocks back a big overhand that lands on Rodrigue, I don’t know how he took the shot so well, but this one I would have to say is a medium attack for the fact that it didn’t like rock Rodriguez or anything under the jab from Rodriguez lands and then as he’s gained a bit more respect out of him, Rodriguez is now bobbing, weaving, trying to avoid the aggression.

He grazes a left uppercut to the body and then afterward falls up with a grazing jab, he touches Li with an inside leg kick and then, as Li is showing good head movement he touches him with a jab. Afterward they exchanged shots on each other, Li is extending in there with another right straight to lands at the end of it, and then Daniel Rodriguez retaliates with a jab of his own. Both light attacks another grazing jab from Daniel Rodriguez and then he checks Li’s light kick. They both exchanged shots on each other again, this time as Rodriguez is getting in there, he’s extending with the left straight to the body, which just touches the chest. He gets grazed by Li’s counter jab as he falls up and grazes with a jab of his own and then they both exchange leg kicks on each other as Rodriguez ends that little exchange with a body jab.

Then Rodriguez gets in there again, extends with the jab as Li slips on the inside of it as well as bobs and weaves, creating momentum for an overhand that lands on Rodriguez. This one could be argued to be a medium or a light will come back to it if we have to a light check left hook from Li Jingliang as he’s trying to extend his combination and then Rodriguez lands a combo of his own while moving backwards, which is pretty impressive so he touches Li Jingliang with a check right hook as Li is overextending with his aggression and intelligently he hops at an angle, getting a good view for a follow up shot. Only a lands a good jab because of it, This is the kind of angle you can get the most powerful shots off on and that jab definitely got a good reaction out of Li Jingliang , and Rodriguez starts to feel himself here, he starts to land some good shots, He lands three light jabs only and as he’s trying to put on this pressure he gets touched by Li’s counter jab and then almost gets hit with a low blow, it looks to be just above the cup, so I guess we’re gonna count it as Li lands a right straight to the body, Rodriguez is unloading that jab again, he lands another thing three, but ultimately gets outgunned by Li in this exchange here as Li slips on the outside of the jab, knowing that Rodriguez getting kind of trigger happy with it and lands a big right straight.

This is the biggest shot of the whole round 100% and then Rodriguez ends the round, landing a check right hook as Li is trying to get this aggression out there again and then falls that up with a light jab. And that ends the third round,
you can kind of tell the guy that was being more aggressive was the one that was losing the fight which is an interest dynamic. So by telling up all the strikes and looking at the damage, this one’s close. This one could go either way here because the amount of total strikes that Rodriguez has there is pretty stunning. 37 which is 14 more than Li Jingliang ‘s total strikes landed 16 more light strikes, but Li Jingliang had the damaging shots of the round, He landed one more medium and he has the only heavy strike of the entire round, which makes it murky here because if you look at the judging criteria and how it’s written, immediate damage trump’s overkill motive, but it never re really tells you when cumulative damage can trump over immediate, it never even mentions it.

So, according to the judging criteria the way it’s written, if you go word by word, the third round would have to go to Li Jingliang and we even gave Rodriguez a bit of a benefit of the doubt for the fact that there were a couple strikes from Li Jingliang specifically to the body shots and the overhand that could have also been categorized as medium, which is going to jump up to six and that is doubling Rodriguez’s medium strikes. So at the end the day, Li Jingliang should have won the third round as well and what does that mean about the judges? Was this fight in fact a robbery? Absolutely. It was one of the worst robberies we’ve seen in recent years and this fight showed how incompetent some of the judges can be because they gave Rodriguez two rounds out of the three when there’s no argument that Rodriguez could have won a second round, you can argue that the third goals to him, but no way the first or the second.

Only that look at the way the judges even scored this, they gave the third round of Li Jingliang and the first round of Rodriguez there’s more of an argument that Rodriguez won the third and there’s no argument that he won the first so they scored the opposite, which is crazy and you can’t help but feel bad for Li Jingliang for everything that happened that week. Fighting at a disadvantage against an opponent that weighed 10 lb heavier. He lost a superstar that he was going to fight and at the end of it all, he gets robbed of a fight that he should have comfortably won on the scorecards and Li Jingliang ‘s face at the end of the fight when Bruce buffer was reading the score cards tells it all.

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