Unusual Help For Round Rousey. Liv Morgan, Max Dupri

Smackdown teased and hinted at a lot of new story directions. So, we’ll see what’s new for Ronda Rousey changes for MMM a big potential return and much more.

Let’s start things off with Ronda Rousey. SummerSlam marked the beginning of a new era for Ronda Rousey before Summer slam, Ronda’s character was a very one dimensional typical babyface character. But things still legitimately getting screwed over by Liv Morgan and the referee. Ronda developed into this anti hero character. At first everyone thought Summer slam was a heel turn for Ronda Rousey, but she has been booked sort of like a tweener in the weeks that followed. So that’s why we’re giving her that label of being an anti hero. She’s not the same babyface character she was for the beginning of 2022 but she’s not fully blown hell either.

Going up against WWE authority figures and just dominating everyone in her sight. She’s still getting massively cheered this edge that Ronda’s added to her character since the events of SummerSlam has definitely brought her character back to life in a huge way. Ronda’s new dominant antihero arc continued in the fatal five way match to determine the number one contender for the Smackdown women’s title.

The other four participants didn’t really have much of a story or momentum going on in recent weeks. Ronda Rousey was really the only winner that made sense and that’s exactly what happened. Ronda dominated the match and won the entire thing in order to book herself another date with Liv Morgan at extreme rules for the Smackdown women’s title. Although it makes sense, storyline wise for Ronda to get another opportunity since she was robbed at Summer slam. Fans are already feeling a bit mixed on seeing this match again, because it basically presents the same narrative that we saw with SummerSlam, that same narrative being that Liv Morgan will not get a clean pin over Ronda Rousey.

So how will this Extreme rules match play out. Liv already rolled up on Ronda at money in the bank. Then Liv, had that screwy pin over Ronda at Summer slam so not that many options left in order for live to sneak past Ronda Rousey again, that’s why fans feel like this story is right back to where it was heading into SummerSlam, Ronda will not be cleanly pinned by Liv Morgan.

So, what shenanigans will play out in the final moments of this match, well there’s a couple of fan theories floating around involving some outside interference, the first being the return of Charlotte Flair. Charlotte hasn’t been seen in months since WrestleMania backlash and the last time Charlotte was seen, she was getting beaten by Ronda for the Smackdown Women’s title. So, can charlotte return at extreme rules to get a revenge on Ronda Rousey ? while also putting the current champion Liv Morgan on notice that’s definitely a possibility. Charlotte probably helps Liv Morgan escape Ronda Rousey with a disqualification but obviously with Charlotte being back Liv’s day as Champion could be numbered by that point. So an epic return and beat down on Ronda and Liv from charlotte flair could be in play. The other scenario involves a Shayna Baszler, WWE teased on Smackdown that Shayna could play a role in Ronda versus live as well.

shayna Baszler

Ronda is feeling very confident and cocky right now, heading into this match with Liv Morgan and it was Shayna, who told her backstage to take Liv Morgan serious and be careful with her. Shayna’s obviously speaking from experience because she was just cleanly pinned by Liv Morgan. So Shayna is basically telling Ronda that Liv is for real and not to overlook her, but Ronda doesn’t pay much mind to Shayna’s comment, but Ronda did sound like she was teasing the idea of linking up with Shayna in the future. Everyone has been waiting to see the tag team of Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler that’s a duo that has women’s tag team champions written all over them, so you can go either way with Ronda and Shayna’s friendship, Maybe it continues to get stronger and they come after those women tag team titles or maybe they slowly start drifting apart in the upcoming months and that will lead towards a feud between the two of them, but no matter what route they go in, it does look like WWE is hinting at something happening soon between Ronda and Shayna .

So it’ll be interesting to see what happens after extreme rules. Will Liv Morgan still be champion? Will Ronda regain the title ? Will Charlotte Flair return or will Shayna get involved ? A lot of potential routes to go in there for the Smackdown women’s title. A big potential teaser for the end of Max Dupri’s character was just dropped by WWE. Max Dupri was obviously known in NXT as L A night. However, his character in persona fully changed when he was called up to the main roster. They had repackaged and renamed him to Max Dupri, this male model character that had his own modeling agency. They teased the gimmick can act for several weeks with Smackdown dark matches and Vince McMahon and WWE liked what they saw. So they brought the act to Smackdown. They even created the character of Maxine Dupri who is the sister to Max.

So they had this entire faction of their two models and in ring talent while Max and Maxine sort of sit back in the managing role. But ever since Triple H took over, the fans had assumed he would eventually put MMM to rest and bring LA night back. So that’s what fans have been waiting for over the last few weeks and we were finally given the teaser of Max potentially reverting to his old former persona. It all comes from a WWE Digital clip that shows Maxine and the rest of MMM looking down and out following their loss on Smackdown Max Dupri comes into frame and tries to lift up their spirits telling them that they have to go through the day to get to the night. Max paused for a second while he was saying that line it looked like something had clicked in his head.


He softly said yeah and walked off screen to end that bonus backstage segment. So the way he took that long pause in between the sentence to say “night” fans just feel like it was the first sign of confirmation that LA night character will return following the fallout of MMM. So if LA night does eventually come back what will happen with MMM ? Well the good thing is that Maxine is there so you can let LA night do his own thing and still possibly keep Maxine around to lead MMM. We haven’t heard or seen much from Maxine’s character but it does look like she enjoys scouting talent. So even after Max Dupri is gone, maybe Maxine will really step up to the plate in her brother’s absence and try her best to keep the agency going and scout for more talent.

Maybe she brings in more men and even more women to her version of MMM. It’ll be a good way to keep her around and let her get even more experiences as well or if Triple H really doesn’t plan on going anywhere with MMM, maybe Maxine and the rest of the MMM members will be repackaged as well. It’s gonna be strange though to the casual fans because these characters were introduced as Brother and Sister and now they could potentially be getting new names and different characters. It may get a bit confusing there for some fans, but hopefully the story makes the character changes may makes sense, so we’ll have to wait and see on that. But big changes could be coming to the MMM Faction. But what are your thoughts on today’s stories with Ronda Rousey becoming the new number one contender for the Smackdown women’s Championship and all the potential changes coming to MMM. Let us know in the comments section.